16+ Retina display ready wordpress premium themes

One Touch – Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme

The fast, easy, light template will decorate almost any site on WordPress. The structure of this template such is what it perfectly will be suitable for all, from the entertaining blog to a serious corporate site. Styles are included in a template for WooCommerce so you will be able to create without problems the catalog with shop on your site. Retina Ready – ultra sharp graphics on the newest screens.

One Touch - Multifunctional Metro Stylish Theme
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Limit the number of keywords in WordPress tag cloud to control PageRank

Did you know that the default wordpress tags, labels or keywords from the sidebar can have a huge impact on your website? Well it does.

Beginning with Version 2.8, the default tag limit in wordpress is set to 45, witch is quite large and can definitely affect PageRank on small blogs with less PageRank to spread around. However the net affect can still be helpful on high authority blogs.

How to limit the number of keywords in WordPress tag cloud to control PageRank

The taxonomy parameter was added so that any taxonomy could be used as the basis of generating the cloud. That means that a cloud for Categories or any other Custom Taxonomies can be presented to visitors.
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Responsive Design with CSS3 Media Queries

Media Queries continues to frustrate web developers just as much as they are exited. CSS3 brings tons possibilities, and solves many many problems, but it comes with a lack of support in old browsers, specially in Internet Explorer.

The V3C definition of the media query is:

A media query consists of a media type and zero or more expressions that check for the conditions of particular media features. Among the media features that can be used in media queries are ‘width’, ‘height’, and ‘color’. By using media queries, presentations can be tailored to a specific range of output devices without changing the content itself.

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DanyForm – Design Any Form, a custom form builder

Dany form stands for design any form and this is practically what it is. A custom form builder that lets you create an awesome forms such as contact forms, order forms, and survey forms.

Simply use the buttons under the Add a Field tab on the left to create inputs for your form. Click on the fields to change their properties. Download/Upload and you are good to go. No Programming required!

Here are some example of forms you can buid on danyform.com
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14+ of the Best Responsive WordPress Premium Themes

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

100% Fully Responsive – Avada is 100% responsive, each and every element including the awesome premium sliders are fully responsive. And the responsive mode can easily be turned on or off.

avada wordpress responsive theme
See theme demo here: http://goo.gl/NMckgj

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Google maps gets disappearing from iOS 6

With the new Apple iOS 6, Google Maps is officially off in the iPhone Maps app. Meanwhile, Google is adding better sync across devices launching an update for Google Maps for Android, Apple is dropping it.

“Just make sure you’re signed in to Google Maps and your web history is enabled to get a number of new benefits including search and directions history,” says Google Maps software engineer Keiji Maekawa in a blog post (which appears to have been at least temporarily pulled). “When you start to type a place or directions into the search box on your Android device, you’ll see suggestions for directions and locations that you’ve previously searched for – making it easier to quickly find directions on the go.”
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Amazon announces new Kindle Fire HD tablets 8.9inch screen

Amazon will release a new e-Readers, the Kindle Fire HD tablets, including a model with LTE capabilities and another model with an 8.9-inch screen that can display images at a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

The new Kindle Fire HD devices bring new features, including a larger screen, more storage and mobile broadband capabilities, compared to the original Kindle Fire, which was announced in September last year with a 7-inch screen. The new devices have a faster processor and a front-facing camera, which was not available in the original Kindle Fire.
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Anonymous claim to have 12million numbers for Apple mobile devices

The group of hackers known as Anonymous, posted a file and claimed to have a total of 12 million numbers for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices,iPhone. They said their goal in releasing part of the data was to prove that the F.B.I. was using device information to track people.

While the leaked identification numbers appeared to be real, security experts said the release posed little risk. They said that without more information on the devices’ owners — like e-mail addresses or date of birth — it would be hard for someone to use the numbers to do harm.

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The Benefits of public free Wi-Fi networks

Free Wi-Fi service is becoming an important tool for operators in maintaining quality mobile service during a time of skyrocketing data traffic, congested mobile networks and, for travelers, costly roaming charges.

Public Wi-Fi networks have sprung up in many big cities. According to Informa, a research firm, the number of Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide will reach 5.8 million by the end of 2015, up from 800,000 in 2010. Eight of the world’s 10 biggest mobile operators are using Wi-Fi to offload their cellular data traffic.

In New York City, free public Wi-Fi is available in 20 parks from AT&T. Google and Boingo, a maker of Wi-Fi equipment, sponsor free Wi-Fi at five New York subway stations. The city of New York is broadcasting free Wi-Fi from 20 pay phones.
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Nexus 7 can hit the 8M barrier by end of the year, twice as expected

Google could sell between six million and eight million of its $199 Nexus 7 tablets by year’s end, according to a new estimate. That’s more than double the three million Google expected to sell by the end of 2012, after putting the device on sale in July and seeing the 16GB version sell-out briefly.

By comparison, the $199 Kindle Fire, which went on sale last fall, has sold about 5 million, according to an average of estimates by several analyst firms.

A Gartner Inc. spokeswoman estimated the Nexus 7 so far has sold 1 million to 1.5 million units in about five weeks, based on reports from suppliers. Carolina Milanesi said the Tech-thoughts estimate of 6 million to 8 million Nexus 7 sales by year’s end is higher than Gartner is expecting, but she didn’t elaborate.
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WordPress releases new iOS app

In what is being called its biggest new release to date, WordPress has made a new version of its iOS app available to customers. The new app is called version 3.1 and it has plenty of new features to get customers excited. One of the most significant improvements is that it comes with a completely new interface, something that will clearly distinguish it from the previous versions of its app. It can now be downloaded from the App Store and here are a few of the new features that users can expect to enjoy.

There are an impressive 180 new updates according to Isaac Keyet of WordPress’ Mobile Projects division. This figure alone should prove very exciting to those who use WordPress, even if they only use it intermittently. The most obvious change is the interface, which has been completely updated. There is a new Reader section, that will allow users to keep up to date with blogs and topics that they are interested in. It also has a friend-finding function that uses social networks to find contacts.
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Recalibrate laptop battery

If your laptop battery’s life has gotten shorter over time, The New York Times recommends recalibrating it:

…the calibration process basically involves first turning off your screensaver and other power management settings that put the computer to sleep. Then fully charge the laptop before letting it run all the way down until the computer shuts off automatically. Once the battery has fully drained, you can charge it back up again and restore your screensaver and power management settings.

If calibration doesn’t help, it’s time to purchase another battery. The Times recommends finding discounts at laptopsforless.com and batteries.com. Just make sure you pick up the right one for your model lappie.
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Security vulnerability: 8 years old bug in PHP that shows the source code

The other day, the PHP developers found an 8 years old bug hidden in all versions of php library since a commit made in 2004.The bug in question affects only PHP using the Apache mod_cgi mode. The Apache+mod_php and nginx+php-fpm are not affected

So the bug comes up when you add a url without any parameters ‘=’ sign like ‘?-x’, which makes a dump of the source code.This does not affects the functionality of the website, but the information can be exploited by hackers.

PHP stuff fixed now this bug in the recent 5.3.12 and 5.4.2 updates but as mod_cgi is something that not to much sites are using, the bug does not affect all the websites using PHP.
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Cool animation effect using pure CSS transitions and some more CSS3 properties

This is not a tutorial about CSS transition effect and does no pretend to show the functionality of this CSS property. But anyway, if few words the css transition effect provide a way to control the speed of animation changes to CSS properties.

For example, if you change the color of an element from white to black, normally the change is instantaneous. With CSS transitions enabled, the change occurs over an interval of time you can specify, following an acceleration curve you can customize.
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Kindle fire vs iPad – Did I mention that Kindle Fire costs 199$

There are quite a few reasons why the Kindle Fire is better then the iPad.Lets´s start with the price. Kindle Fire is $199 while the cheapest iPad is $499. There’s more reasons the Kindle Fire is better, already.

Obviously, if the device was terrible, the price savings wouldn’t matter. But — at least on first impression — the Kindle Fire is solid, fast, and smooth. In fact, it seems to be just as nice, if not nicer than the iPad.

Kindle Fire has flash support

Flash is not dead. It’s baked into many web sites, and I’m talking about real web sites, not just small and unimportant websites. There are quite a few educational websites that are using flash as their engine
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Are You Ready for HTML 5?

HTML 5 is a new specification being developed to move HTML forward in the realm of Web applications. It was initially being developed by a group independently of the W3C, but the W3C HTML working group has since joined the development. HTML 5 adds a lot of great new features to Web pages and Web design and it will be exciting when more browsers support it. Microsoft has stated that they will begin supporting at least portions of HTML 5 in IE. If you want to get started sooner, Opera has had the best support, with Safari close behind, although all major browsers support total o partial HTML 5

The nice thing about HTML 5 is how easy it is to implement. You use the HTML 5 doctype, which is very simple and streamlined:

<!doctype html>

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Restrict file download in Google Docs

Google recently made it possible to restrict the download of non-Google editor file types in Google Docs. This restriction can be applied to .ppt, .pdf, video, and image files for example.

The restrict download feature for Google docs has bran released for Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education editions and it is available in all languages supported by Google Docs
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Google Music Goes Live, bye bye Music Beta version

Google’s attempt to take down iTunes and Amazon in the music store and cloud music storage space materialized today in Google Music.

Google Music goes live to the public at its Android event in L. A., on Wednesday afternoon. The service was originally launched in May as Google Music Beta and now is here s a complete suite of music services — including a Music Store — today.

Just like iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player do, Google Music users can store their purchases and upload their files to the cloud.
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20+ useful Apps for Android, get the best of your device using Android Apps

The 20 apps that made the cut for this list are the ones that are universally liked by users, or have had a solid history.The Android Market may not have as many apps as the iPhone App Store yet, but there are still more than enough to be overwhelmed. Most of them are free, but some cost a few bucks.

If you’re a long-time Android user, some of these apps will look familiar, although in a few cases, I noticed that the best apps aren’t necessarily the ones that have been most popular. Newcomers are also suplling the market with good apps.

Still, here’s my list of Android apps that I can see quite useful.
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