Recalibrate laptop battery

If your laptop battery’s life has gotten shorter over time, The New York Times recommends recalibrating it:

…the calibration process basically involves first turning off your screensaver and other power management settings that put the computer to sleep. Then fully charge the laptop before letting it run all the way down until the computer shuts off automatically. Once the battery has fully drained, you can charge it back up again and restore your screensaver and power management settings.

If calibration doesn’t help, it’s time to purchase another battery. The Times recommends finding discounts at and Just make sure you pick up the right one for your model lappie.

Follow the steps below to calibrate the battery power meter readings.

  1. Connect the power cord and allow the battery to charge to 99% – 100% of capacity.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the computer.
  3. Click Start , then type power in the Search field, and then select Power Options from the list.
  4. Select Create a power plan from the left sidebar.
  5. Click in the Plan name field and type Calibrator . Then, press Enter or click Next .
  6. Select Never for all topics in the On battery column. Then click Create to accept the values and force the battery to discharge.
  7. Allow the battery to discharge completely until the computer shuts down. NOTA:The battery power meter is now calibrated, and the battery level readings should be accurate.
  8. Connect the power cord and press the power button to start the computer.
  9. After calibration, return to the Select a power plan dialog box (Step 4) and select your default power plan setting.

Another option is to recalibrate the battery while the computer is not in use. It is called like this becose it´s very important not to use the computer while recalibrating.

  1. Shut down the computer.
  2. Connect the power cord and charge the computer until the battery charge light is green, indicating that the battery is completely charged.
    On some models the battery light glows white, and on other models the light turns off when fully charged.
  3. Press the power button to start the computer.
  4. Press F8 repeatedly when the HP logo appears.
  5. The Windows Advanced Boot Options menu displays, use the Up and Down arrow keys to select Safe Mode and then press Enter .
  6. The Windows Advanced Startup Menu displays, click Startup in Safe Mode .
  7. Disconnect the power cord from the computer.
  8. Allow the battery to discharge completely until the computer shuts down.

The battery is now recalibrated, and the battery level reading on the power meter should be accurate when the computer starts again.

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